STEPHEN LANGER ARCHITECTS Drawing from the past, designing for the future Stephen Langer, BSc (UCL) Dip Arch RIBA IHBC TAG I trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), then worked as a site engineer for Trollop and Colls and architectural assistant at Trehearne Norman Preston partners. I completed my training in the west country and became a chartered architect in 1985. I decided to escape from the dogma of modern, late-modern and post-modern architecture being promoted by the RIBA and started my own practice in the Tunbridge Wells area at the epicentre of arguably some of the best and most varied forms of traditional buildings. My passion for traditional architecture has grown out of my love of history particularly Napoleonic, Medieval and Classical periods and one day I will finish writing a book on the architectural history of the Weald. As a firm believer in the quality of education/ vocational training at all levels I am a of a local school and it is a great pleasure to be involved in the creation and perpetuation of an inspiring environment for education. Having first driven a steam engine at the age of eight, inevitably the conservation of our steam railway heritage has aligned with our architecture. This has led me to becoming a trustee of a preserved international steam collection and the director of a working Great Western Railway that actively sponsors apprenticeship and employment in heavy engineering. 56 STEPHEN LANGER ARCHITECTS PORTFOLIO