STEPHEN LANGER ARCHITECTS PORTFOLIO 15 A combination of architectural conservation, traditional building and heavy engineering. The Vale of Rheidol is a Great Western Railway in continuous operation since 1902 and brings 50,000 tourists to Aberystwyth and carries them on a 15 mile trip up the valley to Devils Bridge Falls. The re-development of Aberystwyth terminus has started with a new engine shed and workshop to conduct heavy engineering. This has brought employment and apprenticeship to the town. The next stage is to re-erect the main section of the 1850s roof from London Bridge Station as the main hall of a new railway museum. This centre is to celebrate the 24“ steam railway engineering that was exported by Britain all over the world in the C19th. The new terminus will be in the manner of Isambard Kindgom Brunel built as a station and entrance to what will be a live steam museum. Its purpose will be to exhibit 24“ guage engines and rolling stock that have been re-patriated to this country. VALE OF RHEIDOL RAILWAY